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ProjectUnited is a platform for discussing poverty in Toronto and York Region through the stories of those experiencing it. It works to educate and inspire its viewers to take action and get involved in poverty alleviation. The project is a collaboration between the United Way and Ryerson Media Production students Laura Heidenheim and Madelaine Sawyers McKechnie.

In February of 2015 Madelaine and Laura travelled to Honduras where they created a video project aiming to give agency to those living in poverty and allow them to share their stories. Upon their return to Toronto, Maddy and Laura looked for a way to continue a similar project here at home.

ProjectUnited is above all a space where voices that are often silenced have the chance to be heard and where conversations that need to happen can begin.

So Let’s Get Talking.

Special thanks to the two brilliant volunteers who made this site happen! 

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